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Is Victoria Beckham planning on upstaging her son¡¯s fiancee and her mother? A tabloid claims the former singer is getting a pricey makeover for Brooklyn Beckham's upcoming nuptials. Gossip Cop can correct the story.

Victoria Beckham's Extensive Makeover Plans

Brooklyn Beckham recently proposed to his girlfriend, Nicola Peltz. While the young couple¡¯s wedding plans haven¡¯t been revealed, the tabloid Heat proclaims that Beckham¡¯s mother is already preparing herself for the special day. The magazine alleges that Victoria Beckham is ¡°determined¡± to look her very best for her eldest son¡¯s wedding to the actress. The outlet contends that not only does the singer want to outdo the bride, but also the bride¡¯s mother, Claudia Heffner Peltz.

¡°Vic is used to being in the spotlight but there is fear that she¡¯ll be upstaged by Claudia. She¡¯s been looking at pictures on Instagram and can¡¯t believe that Claudia's 20 years older than her,¡± a supposed insider spills to the magazine. The unnamed tipster continues, saying that Victoria finds Heffner Peltz ¡°stunning¡± and ¡°can¡¯t help but compare¡± herself to Mr. and Mrs. Peltz's fortune, even though she and David Beckham doing just fine financially. Still, the anonymous insider contends that the former Spice Girl is sparing ¡°no expense¡± to look ¡°as polished as possible¡± for her son¡¯s wedding.

Victoria Will Do Whatever It Takes?

The dubious insider adds that Victoria will ¡°pay whatever it takes to look good and she wants to have the top people giving her treatments and getting her body looking amazing.¡± The sketchy source argues that the makeover could cost Beckham up to $65,000, but ¡°money is no object¡± for Posh Spice. As for the wedding, the suspicious insider adds that Petlz¡¯s parents are ¡°footing the bill,¡± but to upstage them, the Beckhams are looking to throw a second ceremony for the young couple. ¡°Vic thinks that Claudia and Nelson are in a whole different league. But as the mother of the groom, she wants the serious wow factor,¡± concludes the shady insider.

Listen, we get that Victoria Beckham was known for being the ¡°stylish¡± and ¡°sophisticated¡± Spice Girl, but seriously, to insinuate that the fashion designer is trying to ¡°upstage¡± her son¡¯s future wife or his future mother-in-law is absurd. There have been various times in the past Heat has tried to attest that the Beckhams are snobbish people who only care about money and looks, and Gossip Cop has busted them every time. This latest claim is no different.

The Beckhams Aren't That Kind Of "Posh"

In 2018, we busted the unreliable tabloid for claiming David and Victoria Beckham were "buying" a happy marriage. The fictitious story alleged that the couple was on a ¡°capitalism binge¡± to distract themselves from their failing marriage. The story didn't add up since the couple have lived throughout their marriage as a wealthy couple. Why would they now use money to cover up their issues? Plus, Gossip Cop checked with a rep for the couple, who confirmed that the story was absolute nonsense.

Recently, we dismissed another phony report from the magazine that asserted that the Beckhams were worried they were going to lose their jetset lifestyle. The ridiculous story purported that the spouses were in ¡°crisis¡± after David¡¯s Miami soccer club, Inter Miami CF, began facing strain thanks to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Even though the couple may have taken some losses due to the virus, Gossip Cop pointed out that the pair are multi-millionaires. We seriously doubted they were ¡°worried¡± about losing out on ticket sales, especially with what¡¯s going on in the world right now. Heat has been wrong over and over again about the Beckhams, and this makeover rumor is exactly the same kind of lie we've busted several times before.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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