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After two years together, Paris Jackson and Gabriel Glenn have confirmed their breakup. The two musicians, who perform under the name The Soundflowers, recently wrapped up their Facebook Watch series Unfiltered: Paris Jackson and Gabriel Glenn, and with it came the announcement of their split. The two first met in 2018 after Jackson attended one of Glenn's shows with the Trash Dogs, his band. According to the musicians, the chemistry was instant, and within a week, Jackson had moved into Glenn's van. Since then, they kept it low-key and continued to work on music together, as well as the aforementioned Facebook Watch series.

We're used to busting rumors about celebrity relationships, and while we've had to investigate more than a few rumors about Jackson's love life in the past, there were several specifically about her relationship with Glenn. Here's what's happened between the two.

Paris Jackson And Gabriel Glenn Tried To Elope?

Just over a year ago, Star declared that Jackson was trying to rush a wedding to Glenn without a prenup. According to the tabloid, Jackson's family and friends were deeply concerned about the alleged stunt. "Paris thinks a prenup isn't necessary because she and Gabriel are in love, and it would be disrespectful and rude to ask him to sign one," one totally anonymous "insider" said. "She's convinced Gabriel would never use her for fame or her money."

Of course, the tabloid forced in a made-up narrative about her inheritance from Michael Jackson's estate possibly being at risk, which was pretty obviously just an attempt to drag her father's name into the magazine. "Everyone is nervous they'll elope," the unidentifiable tipster argued, saying that her inner circle was "frantically trying to talk sense into her." The outlet didn't specify anything like where or when the elopement may happen or what made the "sources" worry exactly, choosing instead to talk more about the supposed internal conflict between Jackson and her team. "Time is of the essence, but she's super headstrong and won't change her mind," the source said.

Gossip Cop checked into the story, and after we busted it, Paris Jackson herself retweeted it, expressing frustration with the tired tabloid topic by writing, "for the zillionth time i'm NOT GETTING MARRIED." Unfortunately, her words seemed to fall on deaf ears.

Any Ring Can Be An Engagement Ring For Jackson

Shortly after that elopement article, the National Enquirer decided it needed to weigh in after Jackson and Glenn were both spotted wearing rings at the premiere of The Peanut Butter Falcon. Apparently, wearing a gold ring was all the proof the infamous tabloid needed to declare that the two were engaged.

Sometime in the weeks between the elopement story and the movie premiere, another totally untraceable "insider" told the outlet that Jackson had earned a "new addition to her wedding finger" with what they described as "'I do' jewelry." For being an insider, the source didn't seem to realize that Jackson wears a fair amount of jewelry, and no matter how chic her accessories may look, that doesn't mean that she's suddenly married. While the wedding claim is eye-rolling on its own, the magazine took the opportunity to make a few cruel jabs about the nature of Jackson and Glenn's relationship.

"Insiders worried that Paris was headed for an overdose, a meltdown or some other personal tragedy," the snitch claimed, but Glenn "seemed to have a stabilizing influence on her." Now, assuming those were the same insiders that mistook one of several rings as proof of a marriage, then this messed-up accusation looks a lot like an attempt to stir up drama and make rude accusations about Jackson. While we're sure that Jackson and Glenn were positive influences on each other, it's irresponsible to throw around such a narrative just to drum up views. Gossip Cop confirmed that the rumor was fiction soon after it was first published, but it remains an ugly attack on the actress.

What Really Happened Here

Despite the tabloid media's constant talk about their insiders and sources, the outlets completely missed the mark on the former relationship. Not only did they fail to predict the split, the marriage stories now look even more fake. TMZ first broke the breakup news, and while its record with Paris Jackson is somewhat unusual, the publication reports that the separation was totally amicable for both sides. Color us completely unsurprised if any of the gossip rags actually read any of the interviews with the two or watched any of the clips from their docuseries, they'd know that the two were deeply loving and valued each other as more than just a boyfriend or girlfriend. TMZ's sources say that the romance had run its course and simply reached its natural endpoint, though we doubt it spells the end for Jackson and Glenn's partnership.

Constraining the relationship to something a simple as "young kids trying to get married" or "he's her stabilizer" is an inaccurate representation. While we certainly can't say what either of the musicians will do next (they've mentioned in the past that the could see their band continuing on past their romantic relationship), we're at least confident that the next piece of tabloid gossip about Jackson will probably do the exact same thing as all the rumors about her and Glenn be wrong.


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