Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi are headed for a split after DeGeneres kissed Jennifer Aniston on her talk show? That's what one tabloid is claiming. Gossip Cop found the story to be ridiculous.

First, some background. Last month, DeGeneres had Howard Stern on her show and the two talked about the recent controversy over a photo of the TV host sitting with former president George W. Bush at an NFL game. Stern jokingly said the coverage would blow over if another photo — like, say, one of DeGeneres passionately kissing Stern — drew people's attention away from the presidential picture. The two then kissed and laughed about it.

A few weeks later, Aniston joined DeGeneres on her show. The pair chatted about the Stern kiss, and the conversation eventually led to Aniston and DeGeneres sharing a kiss before breaking into laughter. It was a silly moment between two longtime friends.

The National Enquirer, however, claims DeGeneres has become "smitten" with Aniston following the on-air smooch. "Now Ellen can't stop gushing about Jen, and it's turned into a crush," a so-called "pal" tells the outlet. Those feelings, according to the source, have de Rossi furious. "This is a big issue for Portia, and you have to wonder how much more controversy the marriage can take," the alleged source adds. "It wouldn't surprise anyone if Portia leaves Ellen for good."

The tabloid doesn't bother to add any details that would make the story at least somewhat believable. While the aforementioned incident with George W. Bush did cause a few other rumors, the Enquirer doesn't even mention it. Heck, it doesn't even bring up why this is "a big issue" or why de Rossi would leave her wife, considering it was all in good fun. It'd be a massive surprise if the kiss caused any trouble, let alone a divorce. Still, Gossip Cop can the scenario by a source close to the situation, who laughed it off.

This latest piece is awfully similar to another story from the tabloid in March. The outlet incorrectly asserted that de Rossi and Degeneres' marriage was "crumbling" as the two led "separate lives." Once again, the magazine refused to bring up any specific detail about the couple's supposed fights, likely to avoid getting called out for shoddy reporting.

This is also another example of the tabloids trying to incorrectly pair DeGeneres and Aniston as something more than longtime friends. Earlier this month, NW alleged DeGeneres had been secretly in love with Aniston for decades. Even last year, Gossip Cop had to call out New Idea for falsely claiming de Rossi confronted Aniston and warned her to stay away from her wife. The tabloids continue to get it wrong about DeGeneres and de Rossi's personal lives, but Gossip Cop will continue to address these outlandish claims.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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