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Heat says that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are effectively disrespecting Princess Diana's legacy with their Netflix deal and angering the entire royal family. There had been a shred of hope that Prince Harry and Prince William could finally reconcile, ¡°but William's now at his wits¡¯ end¡± thanks to the Netflix deal. He¡¯s angry because Netflix streams The Crown, so the Duke of Cambridge is ¡°concerned that Meghan and Harry would align themselves to the same company that cashes on royal drama.¡± Since the show's next season will focus on Princess Diana, it's not good for the Sussexes. ¡°It¡¯s well known that the royals take a dim view of anyone who delves into Diana¡¯s personal struggles,¡± a source says. The article then cites an irate internet commentator who said, ¡°First Harry betrayed his family and now his mum¡­ are there no depths this pair will not sink to?

The tabloid's story was totally bogus. The two royal brothers have already worked together on a documentary about their mother, and they've both committed to respecting and honoring her memory ¡ª they clearly see the topic eye-to-eye. There's also the fact that Heat already said that Prince Harry and Prince William were finished with one another after a biography about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry was released, despite the fact the royals had no input or contribution. Heck, it even predicted that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would star in a reality show that never happened. Whether it's personal relationships or professional ones, the tabloid just can't get it right.

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Michelle Obama Confesses: ¡®I Wanted To Push Barack Out Of The Window¡¯

According to the Globe, Michelle Obama admitted that she was about ready to hurt her husband at some points in their relationship. The former First Lady ¡°has a shocking confession she¡¯s actually considered pushing her husband out a window.¡± The revelation came from a podcast with Conan O¡¯Brien where she also admitted that her anger towards Barack is ¡°intense and these periods can last a long time.¡± One source of anger comes from ¡°his habit to tell her he¡¯s on his way home, then dawdling and arriving much, much later.¡±

"They put on a good show in public,¡± an insider says, but ¡°the reality is that things are bleak as hell.¡± The article then covers the history of anger in this marriage, from Michelle feeling ¡°cheated¡± for dropping her own career to become the first lady, as well as their daughter Malia ¡°scandalously twerking¡± in a club once. In reality, however, the podcast featured O¡¯Brien comically saying, ¡°You¡¯re trying to push him out a window occasionally,¡± when the two talked about raising their kids to not idolize them. Michelle responded by agreeing ¡°Right, he is the butt of every joke at the table.¡± The Globe knew this but chose not to explain this context so it could get a juicy story about murder. After all, the outlet previously called for the Obamas to split and that they'd even already drawn up divorce documents. There's no insight into the relationship.


Sharon Osbourne Reportedly Drove Marie Osmond To Quit 'The Talk'

The National Enquirer reports that Marie Osmond did not, in fact, quit The Talk for her family and other career opportunities. Instead, the magazine says that she was driven off the show by Sharon Osbourne herself. "Marie thought the show would be fun and just a bunch of gals gabbing about their lives and whatnot, but she found out that was totally naive," a source says. "Sharon disliked her from the start. Marie felt Sharon was jealous of her and thought she didn't belong. There was a definite rift between them and an undercurrent of bitchiness that everyone noticed."

"Sharon will NOT put up with Marie trying to hog the spotlight!" the snitch adds. "From the get-go, Marie was talked over, worked over and stomped on by Sharon anytime she tried to offer a serious viewpoint," they continue. "Sharon's say on the panel longer than anyone else and feels that gives her the right to lead the discussion. She has a great deal of power over what happens on The Talk and that pushed Marie out." However, the article never mentioned the fact that the show was suddenly filming at home, away from guests and a set. Additionally, Osbourne and Osmond have been rumored to have some sort of feud for months now, but Osmond herself has laughed off the idea that there's bad blood. It's almost as laugh-worthy as this tabloid's track record: It expected The Talk to be cancelled by now due to Drew Barrymore's talk show. It even argued that Osbourne was on her deathbed years ago.

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Julia Roberts Wants Baby With Richard Gere?

Richard Gere welcoming his second baby with Alejandra Silva has caused a reunion with his Pretty Woman co-star Julia Roberts, according to New Idea. ¡°Julia Roberts has babies on the brain,¡± the outlet says, and she and Gere ¡°now share an intense bond over parenthood.¡± Gere is ¡°leaning on Julia for advice and has even suggested she be the youngest boy¡¯s godmother.¡± Danny Moder, Roberts¡¯ husband, is reportedly unhappy about this reunion. An insider tells the magazine that he ¡°has always kept an eye on their friendship.¡± The article concludes by saying Roberts would like to have one more baby with Moder.

This is a bit of bait-and-switch from New Idea, who are notorious for the dishonest practice. The headline and photographs would have you believe Roberts and Gere are now dating, but the story is almost completely unrelated. In the story, Roberts apparently wants ¡°just one more¡± baby with Moder. The tabloid won¡¯t commit to it¡¯s headline-narrative about a relationship between Gere and Roberts.

This tabloid published another story about a jealous Moder just last week. He was supposed to be keeping an eye on Dylan McDermott in that tall tale, not Richard Gere. Gossip Cop busted another story where Moder was upset over Matthew McConaughey over flirtation at a table read that hadn't actually happened yet. This is also the same tabloid that said Roberts was pregnant last year, but that baby never came. Given the rotten track record of this tabloid when it comes to Roberts, it¡¯s safe to say this whole narrative is untrue.


Could Bindi Irwin Be Having Quadruplets?

On the cover of its most recent issue, New Idea seems to report that Bindi Irwin and her husband Chandler Powell are expecting ¡°four babies,¡± but the article immediately casts that story aside. Irwin and her husband ¡°are expecting not four but just one baby despite posting to Instagram four separate images from a recent ultrasound. New Idea did Gossip Cop¡¯s job for us. Irwin and Powell are only expecting one child, as the ultrasound was four photos of one baby. The tabloid says in giant letters ¡°four on the way!¡± It then immediately recants its entire story and says only one is on the way. It couldn¡¯t commit to its dumb story for more than three sentences.

This tabloid is notorious for these bait and switch stores. The tabloid covers have, at various times, promised: a tell-all interview with Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle was arrested, and Queen Elizabeth had arrived in the US. None of these stories had anything to do with their covers. The interview was about Middleton. Markle said she was willing to be arrested. The Queen wanted to come to the US.

All of these stories were bait and switches, but at least the stories were tangentially related to the headline. This article is utterly incompatible with the promised story. This Irwin quadruplets story isn't just false advertising, it¡¯s also incredibly lazy. If you're going to make up three more babies, at least have the guts to tell that phony story.


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