Chris Hemsworth and his wife, Elsa Pataky, are not having marriage problems, nor are they only staying together for the sake of their kids. The bogus story can be found in one of the tabloids. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

The phony report in Life & Style asserts Hemsworth and Pataky are "in the midst of a marriage crisis" and the only reason they haven't split is because of their three children. The story quotes a supposed "insider" as saying, "They've hit a rocky patch. They've been drifting apart and, honestly, the kids seem to be what's keeping them together at this point." The alleged insider adds, "There's no doubt Chris loves Elsa, but they're struggling to keep the romance alive."

The major reason for this "rough patch," the tabloid alleges, is Hemsworth's busy movie career. The dubious source says, "They're clashing over Chris' schedule a lot. After promising to take a break from acting, he signed up to star in a bunch of movies. Elsa's furious and has accused him of going back on his word." The questionable tipster also claims Pataky has "mostly given up her career to raise their kids and can't help feeling their marriage is one-sided at times." The premise of the story is not only false, it's actually ridiculous.

Hemsworth's movie schedule is actually very light right now. He wrapped filming on his last movie, Dhaka, in March, and doesn't begin shooting his next film, Thor: Love & Thunder until August 2020. That squares with a statement Hemsworth made in June stating he wouldn't be shooting another movie this year, so he could stay at home. Additionally, the majority of the next Thor sequel is being shot in Hemsworth's native Australia, so he won't be far from home even when he does start working again.

Keep in mind, this was all planned well in advance of this supposed "rough patch" that the tabloid claims the couple is going through. It was also planned well before Hemsworth's younger brother, Liam, split from his wife, Miley Cyrus, despite the outlet claiming that's also caused a new "wrinkle." As if the narrative wasn't silly enough, the tabloid manages to wedge in the story about Liam at the end of the piece, alleging, Chris is "seeing his brother so much happier since the breakup is making Chris reassess his own life." That seems like a desperate attempt to link another, unrelated tabloid saga to this one.

A recent Instagram post by Hemsworth puts the final nail in the outlet's faulty premise. In the video, the actor can be seen promoting his wife's new book with a silly video pretending to exercise with it. Hemsworth clearly still cares about Pataky, as well as her own career, and is having a blast in his marriage.

The truth is, Life & Style has no insight into the couple's relationship. In September, the magazine published a report claiming Angela Jolie was causing problems in Hemsworth's marriage. The outlet's entire report was based on the two stars appearing at Comic-Con together to promote their respective Marvel movies. That premise, like this latest one, was completely bogus.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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