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Is Bradley Cooper starting to share ¡°his untold story¡± with the world? According to one tabloid, the famously private actor is opening up like never before about his past and his present. Gossip Cop took a look and felt like there are several clarifications that need to be made.

Bradley Cooper's "Untold Story"

This week¡¯s issue of OK! claims to contain the ¡°untold story¡± of Bradley Cooper. A suspiciously knowledgeable source tells the outlet, ¡°He¡¯s an extremely private guy who dislikes the spotlight.¡± The alleged insider continues, ¡°For him, acting has always been about the craft ¡ª not the attention that comes along with it.¡± But that¡¯s about to change, the outlet proclaims. The source explains that Cooper had quietly begun sharing more about his personal life and his past with friends.

These days he¡¯s willing to share more about his life, past and present. He¡¯s hoping his story might someday help another young actor out there.

¡°The truth is, he hasn¡¯t had it easy,¡± adds the insider. The outlet then dives into Cooper¡¯s prior struggles with addiction, as well as his decision to become sober, before diving into Cooper¡¯s brief four month marriage to actress Jennifer Esposito. Bizarrely, the magazine adds that the divorce was ¡°rumored to be painful,¡± as if divorces are typically anything but.

Cooper's Past Romances

From there, the tabloid moves on to cover Cooper¡¯s past girlfriends and dates, at no point mentioning anything that isn¡¯t already public knowledge. Cooper¡¯s exes Ren¨¦e Zellweger and Zoe Saldana are both discussed in vague detail, though both Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston are name-dropped as well. ¡°Bradley loved Ren¨¦e deeply during their two-year romance and he adored Zoe as well,¡± the source explains, adding,

Bradley Cooper, in a dark suit, and Zoe Saldana, wearing a gold dress, attend a movie premiere
(Kathy Hutchins/

But both women wanted to get married. Bradley just couldn¡¯t find it in him to make that kind of commitment again.

Bradley Cooper, in a black tux, stands with Irina Shayk, in a black dress, at the Academy Awards

Next up is Bradley¡¯s relationship with his ex-girlfriend Irina Shayk and its end, which the outlet largely blames on Cooper¡¯s ¡°intense onscreen chemistry¡± with his A Star Is Born co-star Lady Gaga. In the end, however, ¡°they¡¯re both much happier with the way things are now, living their own lives and coparenting Lea.¡± Right now, the source pointlessly explains, Cooper is keeping busy with ¡°a lot of exciting projects¡± he has in the works, as well as spending as much time as possible with his young daughter. Could love be on the horizon for him? His friends, the tipster proclaims, certainly hope so.

Bradley really is a great guy, and people just want to see him settled with a good woman who¡¯ll love him and take care of him. That¡¯s something he truly deserves.

What part of this is untold? The almost definitely made up quotes from the so-called ¡°source?¡± Besides, if we¡¯re really to believe this person, then they went and told a tabloid something that their supposed friend likely told them in confidence. Despite the source¡¯s claim that the actor hoped hearing his story would inspire other ¡°young actors,¡± there's almost no chance in the world that someone as private as Bradley Cooper would tell friends intimate details about his life in the hopes that they¡¯d share it with OK! of all places. A fake source, but some real facts? That¡¯s what we call complicated.

Gossip Cop always views this tabloid¡¯s tales with a suspicious eye. After all, this is the same outlet that once claimed Cooper and Lady Gaga broke up because of all the media attention. We pointed out that the two were never a couple, and they merely played a convincing one in A Star Is Born.

Lady Gaga, in pink, adjusts Bradley Cooper's tie on the red carpet
(Denis Makarenko/

OK! was also behind claims that Angelina Jolie was using Cooper to cope with her oldest son, Maddox, going off to college. We reached out to a source in Jolie¡¯s camp who assured us the actress wasn¡¯t pursuing a relationship with Cooper or anyone else for that matter. When a tabloid gets the story so wrong for so many years, is it any wonder that we find it hard to trust them?

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop cannot come to a verdict either way.


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