Blake Lively has had a fairly low-key year, focusing mostly on her family and staying out of the spotlight as she and husband Ryan Reynolds raise their three daughters. Prior to that, however, Lively was dragged into an array of tabloid stories pitting her against other women in Hollywood. Here are a few of those feud rumors Gossip Cop has busted in the past.

In September 2017, Star reported that Lively's friendship with Taylor Swift caused a fight with her co-star Anna Kendrick as they filmed A Simple Favor. Citing an "insider," the magazine said Kendrick had mocked Lively's status as a part of Swift's "squad" one too many times, even after Lively requested she stop. This source claimed that Kendrick double downed on her jokes despite Lively's companies, commenting that it was "going to be a long shoot" with the two of them going at it.

However, Kendrick actually attended Lively's birthday party just before the magazine released its story. Since its publication, the two actresses have shared multiple social media exchange where they either compliment or tease one another. They're nothing but genuine friends.

In May 2018, NW published a story about Beyonce being furious with both Lively and her husband after she was mentioned in a joke in Reynold's Deadpool 2. The film, which didn't involve Lively in any way, featured a joke about Beyonce and Jay-Z's previous marital problems and rumors of infidelity. The tabloid's "source" said the singer was just as angry with Lively as she was with Reynolds since the actress "broke girl code" for not having her husband kill the joke.

However, Beyonce had been proven to be fine with jokes about the cheating situation, even attending a Saturday Night Live after-party after the sketch show poked fun at one of her songs from Lemonade. There's no reason why she'd take bigger issue with a single joke than she would an entire sketch. Additionally, Beyonce's spokesperson told Gossip Cop on the record that the rumor wasn't true.

In May 2018, Star accused Lively of refusing to sign on to a new Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants film. Lively, along with Alexis Bledel, America Ferrera and Amber Tamblyn, starred in the 2005 original as well as its 2008 sequel. While all of the original stars have mentioned they'd consider doing a third movie, the publication said Lively's co-stars were nervous she wouldn't let the third movie happen.

According to the outlet's "tattler," studio executives needed to see that Lively was involved in the project before approving it, but her former co-stars were fearful she had become "too big for their britches." In reality, however, Lively had reiterated on multiple occasions that she would love to work on a third Sisterhood movie. Plus, Tamblyn herself let fans on social media know that the decision was entirely up to the studio, not any of the stars.

That September, NW tried its hand at the Lively-Kendrick feud narrative with a story about Lively demanding Kendrick stop flirting with her husband. The publication pointed to "flirty banter" from the Pitch Perfect star towards Reynolds during the 2018 Teen Choice Awards. There was also Twitter exchange between the two joking about kissing each other while filming 2014's The Voices. The source even added that Lively "asked Ryan to tell Anna to curb it."

However, the three are actually close friends who all constantly rib each other on social media. They even tend to play up the idea that Reynold's is jealous of Lively's close relationship with Kendrick. There isn't any fighting or drama behind the scenes — it's al just jokes between pals. The magazine chose to forego fact-checking to push its narrative, much like the rest of these made-up "feuds."

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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