Is Ben Affleck really moving back in with Jennifer Garner following his relapse last month? That's the bogus story one of the tabloids is selling. Gossip Cop has learned it's completely untrue.

Affleck suffered a setback in his sobriety last month after admitting to slipping at a Halloween party. According to Star, the actor's ex-wife "hit the roof" when she heard the news and has decided to take matters into her own hands. "In a bid to keep him away from temptation, she's asked Ben to move back in," an anonymous source tells the magazine. "She's determined to do whatever it takes to save him from his demons."

The unknown tipster goes on to say that Affleck was reluctant to accept the offer as "he couldn't think of anything worse than Jen watching his every move," but she insisted. "She's putting her foot down before it's too late," continues the supposed tipster. "From now on, Ben will sleep in the guest room while Jen vets any female visitors. No more party girls and no more Raya dates. No booze allowed in the house, and there will be a curfew - it's basically an at-home rehab."

From there, the "source" says Affleck has come around to the idea, adding, "The way he sees it, she's seen him relapse before and can spot the signs. Plus, he'll get to spend more time with the kids." The questionable insider then purports to know how the exes' children feel about the situation, as well as the feelings of Garner's boyfriend, John Miller. As for the children, they "can't wait" to have "their mom and dad reuniting under the same roof." As for Miller, the "insider" says the businessman is "getting fed up with the never-ending Ben drama... But Ben's reassured him that he has nothing to worry about." This all begs the question, who is this "source" and how do they know the innermost thoughts of every person involved in this article?

Regardless, the tabloid's report is provably untrue. Affleck is currently in New Orleans filming the thriller Deep Water. Shooting on the film began earlier this month and is expected to go through February. Star is either unaware that Affleck is working in another state or decided to ignore that fact because it doesn't fit the magazine's phony narrative. Either way, the actor isn't moving into his ex-wife's home in Los Angeles.

Despite the evidence disproving the outlet's article, Gossip Cop still ran the scenario by Affleck's rep, who confirms it's false. It isn't original either. Last year, we busted Star's sister publication, OK!, for making up a very similar story about Affleck moving back into Garner's house. It wasn't true then and it's no more accurate now.

Meanwhile, Gossip Cop called out Star in September for wrongly reporting Garner was giving her romance with Affleck "another chance." That didn't happen and this latest article makes no mention of the two reconciling. This latest piece is also a weak attempt at exploiting the actor's recent slip. Although it's safe to say Garner cares about her ex-husband's well-being, she hasn't set up an "at-home rehab" for him.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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